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Frequently Asked Questions About ThinKiosk


"ThinKiosk is available in 2 editions:
  • Enterprise Edition.
  • Community Edition.
For more information of their features and benefits, review the licensing page.
By default when you install ThinKiosk you will receive a 30 day trial license for ThinKiosk Enterprise. To apply your community license, apply for one here then update the profile to reflect your license. On next startup ThinKiosk will commit your license.

“Configuration Settings”

The ThinKiosk profile provides all the configuration required for the ThinKiosk client.
This profile is XML based and very easy to modify with the new ThinKiosk Profile Editor.
The profile editor can be accessed in different ways depending on the profile delivery method you have opted to you.
  • ThinKiosk Broker Server - From the ThinKiosk Management Console, right click your profile and select ‘Edit Profile’
  • Local Profile - From the ThinKiosk ‘Admin’ menu select ‘Profile Editor’
  • FTP – Using the Profile Editor the profile can be exported and then saved to the configured location on your FTP server.
Check the PDF for more details.
Yes you can.

ThinKiosk browser uses Internet Explorer frame but it is fully controlled and can be fully customizable depending on job requirements or usability through the profile editor either locally or with the management console.

Check the PDF for more details
Yes you can.

ThinKiosk Application wallpaper desktop can be fully customized with your own logo or name. You need to enter a fully qualified file name for the applications tab wallpaper image. Supported file types include PNG, BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF.

Check the PDF for more details.
Yes you can.

ThinKiosk is lightweight windows software that can be installed to any Windows machine from Xp to Windows 10. It does not require powerful machine but you should be aware of few requirements:

  • .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile or above
  • KB2468871 is required if running .NET Framework 4.0
  • Windows XP or higher (note Windows Home edition may suffer some limitations).
  • Firewall rule allowing ThinKiosk to take inbound connections (created by the installer).
  • Internet Explorer 7 or better.
In case of any issue ThinScale Support team might require some logs files from the ThinClient affected. The steps to get those files are really easy.

Check the PDF for more details.
Yes you can.

ThinKiosk have the functionality to use SSO with the Storefront, meaning that the credentials of the currently logged on Windows users are passed to the broker for authentication.

Check the PDF for more details.
When installing ThinKiosk, all the external devices and local disks are restricted by default. That means that USB keys, cameras or other external devices cannot be used within ThinKiosk. If you want to use them few settings have to be set within the Profile Editor.

Check the PDF for more details.
The default Shell, after installing ThinKioskClient, is not the Windows Explorer Shell. Meaning that ThinKiosk UI is configured as the Windows shell and Windows Explorer will NOT run.. If you want to revert back to the normal Windows Shell please follow those simple steps.

Check the PDF for more details.

“General Information”

ThinKiosk is a secure, lightweight and user friendly interface that you install on your current PC’s to convert them into Thin Clients.
From ThinKiosk you can deploy to your users access to the Virtual Desktops, websites and local applications while maintaining a secure environment, away from the default Windows desktop. ThinKiosk was built from the ground up by Virtual Desktop experts, facing the same decision you are, to deliver a really simple alternative to the clunky, featureless and difficult to implement products our competitors deploy. Built with Virtual Desktop access in mind, ThinKiosk is extremely intuitive. ThinKiosk is aware of the best practices in a virtual desktop environment and will automatically configure itself with a best in class user experience.
Absolutely! Thin Kiosk’s interface is so intuitive and secure, many people also opt to use ThinKiosk on top of their current Thin Client devices to provide a user friendly access point for your users.

With ThinKiosk you can carry your current licenses from retired assets or deploy to new thin clients delivering an identical user experience across all platforms
If you are using ThinKiosk instead of purchasing Thin Clients, you will immediately save 90% of the initial purchase cost of Thin Clients by deploying ThinKiosk to your current PC’s. This allows you to replace the current computers with Thin Clients or newer desktops over time and as needed, rather than upfront and in a “big bang” approach.

Deploying ThinKiosk to existing desktops also reduces large OPEX costs by eliminating a large scale desk to desk visit replacing perfectly good and working hardware with Thin Clients.

If you deploy ThinKiosk on a PC covered by Microsoft SA, you will not need a CDL or VDA license for this device. If the device is a Thin Client not covered by SA, this could cost you up to $100 per year and per device!

Using ThinKiosk’s power settings, you can configure your pc’s to power down after use or during periods of quiet, saving you further money on power and cooling."
By using ThinKiosk on your current PC’s, you can further leverage your investment in the hardware on user’s desks removing the need for a large initial purchase of Thin Clients.

Out of box, ThinKiosk will:

Extended the devices life.
Add power saving features.
Decrease start-up times.
Secure the device for virtual desktop access or internet kiosk workloads. Provide a ‘simple to manage’ Thin Client platform for your users to access their business needs.
If your desktops have been refreshed in the last 7 years, the chances are good you have more RAM and CPU power in your current desktops than will be provided with a new ‘mid range’ Thin Client. Throwing this hardware in the bin is extremely wasteful as it’s currently a working asset.

ThinKiosk will address the additional benefits Thin Clients have over PC’s such as power saving, central management, secure interface, etc. and provide these benefits at a fraction of the cost to your current PC estate.
Yes you can.

ThinKiosk is a lightweight Windows software that can be deployed to all Windows machine from XP to Windows 10. We don't currently support Windows Mobile, but we have few customer that are already using ThinKiosk on Windows Tablet and they are really happy about the performances.
With ThinKiosk’s MagicFilter, you can immediately negate the largest complaint you will receive running windows Thin Clients, ‘Why doesn’t Ctrl alt Delete work?’,

ThinKiosk’s MagicFilter is the only Thin Client capable of blocking windows SAS (secure action sequence) keys such as [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Del] and [Windows] + [L] and seamlessly redirecting them to the virtual desktop. This allows for a seamless user experience with no limitations.

ThinKiosk’s MagicFilter, is driverless and runs in the users session for the greatest security, compatibility and stability. MagicFilter works with Microsoft, Citrix and VMware* Virtual desktops.

*VMware PCOIP connections only at this time.
Absolutely, once you buy a ThinKiosk license you are free to use it as you see fit. Think of it as registered to a device until that device is decommissioned. At which point you are free to use it on your new device (so long as you are licensed for all active desktops).

To free up the license in the management server, simply delete the old machine.



If you are an Enterprise customer and have a query in relation to ThinKiosk, please contact our Support Team.