ThreadLocker ships with 2 licensing options, Enterprise and Community.
To review these editions please see the table below.
Licenses are perpetual with optional support available.
If you have a query about ThinKiosk pricing please contact us to request a quote.

ThreadLocker Enterprise Edition

A ThreadLocker Enterprise license entitles you to all the functionality ThreadLocker has to offer.

ThreadLocker will install with a free 30-day enterprise trial license for you to test the entire product. At the end of the trial period, you’ll be relegated to the Community Edition.
Click here to download ThreadLocker Enterprise Trial License.

ThreadLocker Community Edition

ThreadLocker originated as a community driven product and we are proud to continue that tradition. The new ThreadLocker Community Edition offers all the functionality that the previous versions contained together with the new improved look and feel and improved application handling. We are extremely proud to retain and enhance ThreadLocker Community Edition and to continue to offer this as a free product.

Community Edition

Static Process Rules Yes Yes
Dynamic Process Rules Yes No
Intelligent CPU capping Yes No
Configurable violation period Yes No
Configurable idle period Yes No
Configurable cool off period Yes No
Startup grace period Yes No