ThinKiosk ships with 2 licensing options, Enterprise and Community. Licenses are perpetual with optional support available.
To review these editions please see the table below.

If you have a query about ThinKiosk pricing please contact us to request a quote.

ThinKiosk Community Edition

ThinKiosk originated as a community driven product and we are proud to continue that tradition.
The new ThinKiosk Community Edition offers all the functionality that the previous versions contained together with the new improved look and feel and improved application handling.

We are extremely proud to retain and enhance ThinKiosk Community Edition and to continue to offer this as a free product.
Click here to request ThinKiosk Community License.

ThinKiosk Enterprise Edition

We are equally as proud to launch ThinKiosk Enterprise Edition. A ThinKiosk Enterprise license entitles you to all the functionality ThinKiosk has to offer.
We believe ThinKiosk Enterprise Edition is quite simply, the best value PC to Thin Client conversion software available in the market place. In terms of price, functionality and benefits delivered to both the user and administrator, it cannot be beaten.

ThinKiosk will install with a 30-day enterprise trial license for you to test the entire product. At the end of the trial period, you’ll be relegated to the Community Edition.
Click here to download ThinKiosk Enterprise Trial License.

Enterprise Edition

Community Edition

StoreFront Broker support Yes No
Microsoft RDS Broker Support Yes No
Vmware Horizon Broker Support Yes No
Web Access to StoreFront Web / RDWeb / Horizon Yes Yes
Roles Based Administration Yes No
3rd Party Application Deployment Yes No
Location Awareness Yes No
Single Sign On Support Yes No
Smart Card Support Yes No
Workspace Control (reconnect) Yes No
Advanced Workspace Control (retry, launch conditions) Yes No
Local profile cleanup Yes No
Support for administrative users Yes No
Auto admin unlock Yes No
Policy from Group Policy Yes Yes
Policy from Local Policy Yes Yes
Kiosk Switch Mode Yes No
Auto optimization for Citrix Technologies Yes Yes
Off domain Management Yes No
Central Management Yes No
Management Console Yes No
Dynamic key passthrough (MagicFilter) Yes No
Disable [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Del] / [Windows] + [L] Yes No
Multiple sites Yes Yes
Power Management Options Yes Limited
Wi-Fi Awareness Yes No
Local Device lockdown Yes No
Published Application support (via Web) Yes Yes
Published Application support (via Broker) Yes No
Desktop Choice Yes No
Netscaler Gateway Support (via Web) Yes Yes
Netscaler Gateway Support (via Broker) Yes No
Local settings (keyboard, volume, etc) options Yes Yes
Secure by design Yes Yes
Full browser integration Yes No
Ability to rename devices Yes No
Network connection awareness Yes No
Wake On LAN Support Yes No
Admin application access Yes No
Touch keyboard accessibility options Yes Yes
Customization Yes Limited
Number of web browser urls Unlimited 5
Number of local applications Unlimited 5
Number of remote connections Unlimited 2
Control local screen saver Yes No
Local Device management via script Yes No
Active setup support Yes No
Policy from FTP Server Yes Yes
Redirect on Web Interface / Storefront Logout Yes Yes
Screen shot support Yes Yes
Remote Control Yes No
LDAP Password Verification Yes No
Device Auto Login Yes Yes