A ThinKiosk Enterprise license entitles you to all the functionality ThinKiosk has to offer


ThinKiosk now provides its own Wi-Fi interface for connecting and managing your Wi-Fi networks.

Published application support was a widely requested feature and is now available via the ThinScale Connector for Citrix StoreFront / Microsoft RDS and VMware Horizon brokers.

Simply enable ‘Published Applications’ for the required brokers in the ThinKiosk Profile Editor and your published applications will appear alongside your existing published desktop resources

A number of stability and performance improvements have been added to the ThinKiosk Broker and Management Console

ThinKiosk 4.7 ships with new installers for the Broker, Management Console and Client, providing a more user friendly installation and better upgrade experience.

Prior to 4.7 ThinKiosk could only support a single connection for each type of supported broker. You now have the ability to add as many brokers to your configuration as you need, for example you can provide resources from multiple StoreFront stores hosted on multiple StoreFront implementations.

ThinKiosk Start-up scripts are now supported on all versions of Windows including Home Edition.

The ThinScale Connector now supports TLS1.1 and TLS1.2 when connecting to configured brokers and optionally you can remove support for SSL3.0 and TLS1.0

A lot of optimisation has been made in ThinKiosk’s core engine which has resulted in significantly improved start-up times and resource enumeration times from the ThinScale Connector brokers.


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