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ThinKiosk Benefits

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Below we have outlined the best bits!

Make System Administrators Lives Easier and More Productive!

Magic Filter Technology

The most consistent complaint you will receive running Windows Thin Client is “Why doesn’t Ctrl+Alt+Del work?”.  With ThinKiosk’s Magic Filter technology you can immediately negate this.

ThinKiosk’s Magic Filter is the only ThinClient capable of blocking Windows Secure Action Sequence (SAS) keys such as [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Del] and [Windows]+[L] and seamlessly redirecting them to the virtual desktop.  This allows for a seamless user experience with no limitations.

MagicFilter is driverless and runs in the user’s session for the greatest security, compatibility and stability.  Magic Filter works with Microsoft, Citrix and VMware* virtual desktops.

*VMware PCOIP connections only at this time

Full PC Lockdown

After installation any access to the windows OS is disabled.  Users will only be able to launch their virtual or hosted desktops and of course any applications that the administrator deems appropriate.  This gives full control to the administrator.

Central Management

New with ThinKiosk is the release of the ThinKiosk Broker service.  This will drastically reduce desk-to-desk visits by allowing you to centrally manage and report on your deployed devices making administrators lives easier and more productive.

Easy Trouble Shooting

With a keystroke and a password, your administrators can take control of the PC and get straight to work on fixing problems.  Simply restarting or relocking the device will revert it back to its secure state.

Seamless Integration

Citrix ICA File, VMware View and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services integration: You can now deploy ICA files to your users directly without the need for a web interface or storefront infrastructure.  ThinKiosk has oodles of additional functionality for both VMware view and Microsoft RDS.  You can quickly and easily deploy connection files to your users and ThinKiosk will do all the hard work for you.  It handles the login information for you; it’s just a case of click and login. Simple!

Easy Upgrade Road Map

When your PC’s reach the end of their natural life the ThinKiosk Client is perfectly capable and happy to be migrated and to run on Windows based Thin Clients.  This gives you a roadmap to Thin Client devices while still maintaining the fresh and easy to use interface ThinKiosk offers that your users have become accustomed to.  This means less explaining and training (and cost) for your administrators and users.

Fully Integrated Browser

ThinKiosk ships with a web browser engine you can use to allow your users to browse corporate pages or more importantly display pertinent information to users without them logging into their desktop.

Management Platform included in the core product

Microsoft SQL Server support

Support for SQL Server has been added for the ThinKiosk broker database

HA support for ThinKiosk brokers

Multiple ThinKiosk brokers can now be installed providing highly available brokers and failover support for the ThinKiosk clients

Active Directory broker authentication

Support for Active Directory group authentication and Single sign on

Enhanced Remote Management

Administrators can now perform even more remote control functions from the Management Console including ‘Remote Lock / Unlock’, ‘Refresh and Restart’

Centralised Client Updates

ThinKiosk client software updates can be centrally deployed from the Management server

Help Ensure Your VDI Project Rolls Out Successfully

Simple Deployment

ThinKiosk client installation takes about 30 seconds on a PC and can be deployed from central extremely quickly.  When coupled with the ThinKiosk broker service you have security, ease of use and central management in a matter of minutes.

The end result has turned a typical deployment of 8-24 hours of creating a working profile into 4-8 hours and the roll out to the PC’s from a few days to a matter of minutes.

  • No more complicated group policy objects
  • No need for a degree in VDI technologies
  • No need for prior experience with Windows Thin Client devices

You can deploy ThinKiosk to your PC via Group Policy or start-up script on next restart.

Easy Roll Back

ThinKiosk can be instantly rolled back to the user’s desktop by simply instructing the user to hold [Shift] on log off, allowing the users to log back in as themselves.  You can also roll back to the previous sate via the profile editor allowing you to revert the machine to PC status on next restart.

Extremely Fast

ThinKiosk leverages your local hardware, which is generally always better than the out of box hardware you will receive from a Thin Client vendor (At No Cost!).  This allows for all the benefits of technologies like Citrix HDX, Microsoft RemoteFX and VMware’s PCOIP with zero limitation that you will experience with Linux devices.

Simple Log-in Method

The ThinKiosk client creates a local user account tuned for security and Thin Client access.  This account is off domain and coupled with ThinKiosk’s policies and start-up script integration you can safely and easily take the machines off the domain reducing your attack platform.

Deliver the best performing client device possible!

ThinScale Connector

The ThinScale connector aggregates resources from StoreFront and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services brokers. The new connector replaces the “receiver tab” aggregating all remote and local resources to a single pane.

Profile Clean-up

ThinKiosk can be configured to remove unused local profiles that may exist on client device

Improved StoreFront integration

Improved performance and stability enumerating and launching resources from StoreFront

Password changes

Users can now change their Active Directory password when leveraging the ThinScale connector

Credential Validation

Support for credential validation before connecting to the aggregated resources

Minimal Ribbon

New minimal ribbon option to reduce screen space taken up by the ribbon

Improved Performance

The ThinKiosk client now starts up to 40% faster than previous versions

Redesigned Client / Broker communications

Communication between the ThinKiosk client and broker has been redesigned allowing clients to be management even when not logged in

Increase Your Security and Optimization – Straight Out of the Box

ThinKiosk and Configuration

Choosing ThinKiosk: Will increase your security and optimization – Out of box

ThinKiosk has been designed to do all the hard work of configuring all out of box!  You will have no problems with;

  • Group Policies
  • Best Practices
  • Internet Explorer Policies
  • Citrix/Microsoft/VMware tweaks

Protected Key Strokes

For additional security ThinKiosk is the ONLY Thin Client technology for Windows capable of disabling Windows protected keystrokes [ctrl]+[alt]+[del] and passing these to the remote desktop with our MagicFilter technology.

Save Lots of Money!

Reduction in Capital Expenditure

Not having to buy Thin Client hardware.

If you choose to deploy ThinKiosk to your current PC’s instead of purchasing new hardware Thin Clients you can accrue an immediate saving of up to 90% of the cost of that hardware.  Then as your current PC’s reach the end of their natural lives you may look at replacing them with hardware Thin Clients.  This facilitates, a phased approach to the replacement, spreading the cost over a number of budget cycles and will ensure you can take advantage of ongoing falling hardware costs.  It just makes strategic and financial sense when compared to the upfront big bang approach.

Full ROI on Current Investment

Full Return On Investment (ROI) – On CAPEX invested in current PC’s

All too often in business it is difficult to quantify ROI on CAPEX.  In this case it is slightly easier.  By deploying ThinKiosk and thus not having to dump your PC’s you are ensuring that each PC will deliver as much value as it possibly can. In fact the hardware may last longer operating as a Thin Client than it normally would with correct configuration of power management settings within Thin Kiosk.  ThinKiosk ensures that the value promised when you originally purchased the PC’s will be delivered in full.

Saving on Microsoft Licenses

Are your current PC’s covered by Microsoft SA? If they are and you deploy ThinKiosk you will not need a CDL or VDA license for these devices.  By converting your PC to a Thin Client it will not be covered by SA.  This could save you up to $100 per year, per device!

Reduction in Operating Expenditure

OPEX will be reduced in two ways.  Firstly by deploying ThinKiosk the need for a large-scale desk to desk programme replacing existing PC’s with Thin Client hardware is no longer necessary.  This can represent a massive saving depending on the size of your VDI project.  It is safe to say that in any medium size project extra staff would have to be hired.  By using ThinKiosk a longer term structured plan can be put in place to be executed by current staff as the PC’s reach their end of their normal life.

No Vendor Lock in

At ThinScale we are not trying to sell you hardware and we are not trying to sell you a management stack.  Thin Client software is what we do best and we intend to stay the best at it! We are proud of the agnostic nature of our product as we believe the customer should be able to choose the best solution to suit their needs.  With ThinKiosk there is not

Help Ensure User Satisfaction

Empowering Users

Whilst still restricting access to the PC, ThinKiosk empowers the user to configure the screen resolution, the keyboard and mouse and multimedia options including audio.  As we said, sometimes it’s the little things in life!

Stylish Look and Feel

Out with the old and in with the new! ThinKiosk has a sleek and stylish interface provided by DevExpress.  This breathes new life into your older hardware in a style that your users will be familiar with.  This new look and feel is completely configurable, from eight themes, to six backgrounds and any colour interface you or your user wishes. ThinKiosk has lots of choice.

Custom Branding

ThinKiosk can be completely de-branded, allowing you to display a portal to your users that you are proud of, without your users feeling like they are in the middle of a vendor’s pitch! There is also the opportunity to include your companies branding. If you are interested in this aspect don’t hesitate to contact us and we can discuss your needs.