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With ThinIO the virtual desktop storage challenge has been met. ThinIO is a software only solution that reduces IOPS, decreases I/O throughput to the disk and improves end user experience by increasing I/O throughput from an application perspective.
With ThinIO there are no hardware lead times, no architecture changes required and no external dependencies. ThinIO can be installed in seconds and the benefits are seen immediately.

Software for San Storage

Thinio Intelligently optimises disk I/O in VDI environments

As ThinIO operates directly from within the operating system, as opposed to at the storage or hypervisor layers, it is able to fully understand the disk requirements of the operating system as well as intelligently optimise the I/O requirements of each user.
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Supported Technologies

The following technologies are supported in *Stateless configuration models.

  • Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop with Machine Creation Services.
  • Citrix VDI in a box.
  • VMware Horizon view stateless linked clonesStateless
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop technologies.

* Stateless is a type of desktop that is wiped to clean on each reboot.

Thinio Intelligently optimises disk I/O in VDI environments


A Dramatic Increase in Application I/O Throughput

By leveraging the speed and power of RAM, I/O requests (both read and writes) that are stored in ThinIO’s cache are completed almost instantly giving the user and their applications a dramatic increase in I/O throughput.

Boot IOPS reduction of up to 80%

With our disk intelligence and ‘Read Ahead’ technology, I/O during boot is reduced by up to 80%. By leveraging our integrated formulas, ThinIO can read the disk blocks required by Windows before they are requested in a contiguous and controlled manner.

ThinIO can also cache blocks of data required by the user’s primary applications, resulting in near instant launch times when the user logs in.

Increased Desktop Density

ThinIO will utilise its cache during I/O intensive periods such as machine start-up, user logon and log off, shielding the storage from the intensity of the operations, by doing this the shared or local disk is leveraged considerably less. This allows for greater density and reduces the wear and tear on the disks.

Enhanced User Experience

Users will get an equal performance from their virtual environment as from their previous physical environment. By caching repeated reads from the disk and writes to the disk inside the virtual machine, user login times are incredibly fast as the users profile is mostly stored in RAM. The user experience is fast and consistent even at ‘peak’ times during the day.



ThinIO will ensure you no longer have to solve your storage problems by buying more spinning disks.


ThinIO will ensure your ‘rack & power’ costs are reduced and the life of your existing hardware will be extended by reducing wear and tear.

Thinio Intelligently optimises disk I/O in VDI environments





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Thinio Intelligently optimises disk I/O in VDI environments