ThinScale Technology is a software development company focused on creating solution driven products to meet the challenges in the Thin Client, Desktop Virtualization and Server Based Computing market place.

It all began with the need for a community tool to convert PC’s to Thin Clients properly. Borne out of this need and with the collaboration of the community ThinKiosk V1.0 came into being. Due to its success, the growing customer interest in ThinKiosk and the desire to deliver to the ThinKiosk platform, feature requests from the community and customers alike, ThinScale Technology Ltd. came into being.

Co-founded by Andrew Morgan a Citrix CTP, RES Software RSVP and desktop virtualization architect and now with the aid and backing of fellow Citrix CTP and application compatibility expert Remko Weijnen, ThinScale will be releasing new products in the coming months to help you, the experts, with innovative, affordable, reliable and clever solutions for your projects.

We are extremely proud to retain and enhance ThinKiosk Community Edition and to continue to offer this as a free product. Licenses can be requested by filling out this form.

We are equally as proud to launch ‘ThinKiosk Enterprise Edition. We believe it is quite simply, the best value PC to Thin Client converter available in the market place. In terms of price, functionality and benefits delivered to both the user and administrator, it cannot be beaten. A trial of ThinKiosk Enterprise can be downloaded here.

At ThinScale we see ourselves as servants of the community. Innovation, simplicity and affordability is at the core of our ethos and act as touchstones during the development process. We focus on solutions that are lightweight, scalable and solve real challenges faced by Virtualization experts every day.

If you have an idea for a product that mirrors this ethos, an application that you think would be valuable to others or wish to receive assistance with publishing it, don’t be shy, feel free to contact us. We’re here to help.

VAT No.: IE 9850267N
Registered in Ireland No.:520490
ThinScale Technology Limited
Directors: Andrew Morgan, Brendan Kiely