What is ThreadLocker?
ThreadLocker puts manners on misbehaving applications. In many cases, incorrect or overzealous use of applications like Microsoft Excel, Internet Explorer add-ons etc. can bring even the best resourced end user computing environments to a crawl.

ThreadLocker will monitor and control individual applications and the system as a whole to ensure there is always CPU resource available when required by user’s preventing sluggishness, lags, pauses and hangs of the applications they are using.

System Administrators will no longer have to deal with “my session has hung!” support tickets.

We’ve all seen just a couple of copies of Excel consume all available CPU resource even on relatively powerful machines

Simply by enabling ThreadLocker, those CPU resource hogs will become a thing of the past


In RDS environments where CPU utilisation is pegged at 100%, which may not be due to just a single user running a single application but a combination of users and applications.

ThreadLocker will monitor the total CPU utilisation and apply its ThreadLocking algorithms across the RDS server keeping the CPU utilisation at acceptable levels.