ThinIO San Storage Software

“Intelligently optimises disk I/O in VDI environments”

What is ThinIO?

With ThinIO the virtual desktop storage challenge has been met. ThinIO is a software only solution that reduces IOPS, decreases I/O throughput to the disk and improves end user experience by increasing I/O throughput from an application perspective.
With ThinIO there are no hardware lead times, no architecture changes required and no external dependencies. ThinIO can be installed in seconds and the benefits are seen immediately.

Software for San Storage
How it works
ThinIO sits in line between the Windows operating system and the disk storage. ThinIO intercepts both disk reads and writes to the local or shared storage, stores the request in its cache for instant access the next time they are requested.
As ThinIO operates directly from within the operating system, as opposed to at the storage or hypervisor layers, it is able to fully understand the disk requirements of the operating system as well as intelligently optimise the I/O requirements of each user.